Individual Counseling:

Many diseases we have inherited from our families can be prevented, delayed or reversed. For example if you have been told you have pre-diabetes, we can help you to make better food choices that will prevent you from having a diagnosis of diabetes.

Group Programs:

Our worksite programs which include: weight loss programs and various health and nutrition topics done as a interactive lectures or workshops. We work with your companies’ goals to prevent illness and lost productivity. Our family programs can take place in your home. We will help you to revise your meal choices and shopping to enhance your family’s health while taking your time limits and food preferences into consideration.

Cooking Classes:

Our “Cooking for One or Two” course was designed to help clients to eat healthy on a daily basis without a lot of time and work. The program meets twice a year in small groups of 5-7 clients. Clients can join for a one time session of 2 classes or twice a year for 4 classes.